Applied Social and Organizational Psychology

Faculty selected as IPREP mentors
Leslie Ashburn-Nardo, Ph.D.
Leslie Ashburn-Nardo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Program Head, Applied Social and Organizational Psychology
Program Head, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Tel: 317-274-6766
Office: LD100A
Dr. Ashburn-Nardo and her lab focus on documenting the various ways that women, African Americans, and other underrepresented groups are stigmatized. She is especially interested in biases that are unexpected or counterintuitive, such as microaggressions that happen in professional contexts where formal discrimination is prohibited (e.g., the workplace, academia, healthcare) and intra-group prejudices in which people are biased against members of their own in-groups. Much of her research concerns individual strategies that stigmatized targets and their allies can use to reduce prejudice and foster inclusivity.
Eva Pietri, Ph.D.
Eva Pietri, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Director of Undergraduate Studies for Psychology, Psychology

Tel: 317-274-6753
Office: LD126P
Professor Pietri’s lab focuses on investigating how basic processes in social cognition and attitudes influence a variety of domains that are pertinent to real-world issues and can guide interventions. Much of her current research focuses on reducing biases and promoting diversity in science technology engineering and mathematics(STEM) fields. Current projects include testing the benefits of video interventions to reduce bias and exploring who functions as beneficial role model for women of color.
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