Early Decision Program

IPREP Early Decision Program

The IPREP program offers an Early Decision Program that allows highly qualified applicants to receive confirmation of their acceptance to the IPREP program prior to the usual deadline. Once accepted as an IPREP Fellow through the Early Decision Program, the applicant must fully commit to IPREP, and cannot be under consideration for any other postbaccalaureate programs (including graduate degree programs). To be considered for Early Decision, all application materials, including letters of reference, must be complete and submitted no later than December 15.

The following table shows the Early Decision deadlines and compares them to the deadlines for Regular Decision:


Early Decision

Regular Decision

Application review begins

November 15

December 1

Application deadline

December 15

March 1

Interviews complete

January 10

March 20

Early decision notification

January 15

March 25

Deadline to accept admission

January 25

April 5

IPREP program begins

June 1

June 1

An applicant who applies for Early Decision but is not accepted early, will still be considered for regular admission.

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